Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farmington Founders Festival Four Mile; 7/21/12

Me, finishing, just too fast for Bren

I pretty much decided to run this one at the last minute or the day before, which is kinda like the last minute. There was no online registration so I had to just turn up on the morning of the race and register, it was only $25 so no big deal. The course started in Shiawassee park in Farmigton, and meandered through a couple of neighbourhoods, south of Main Street before heading down the parade route, before finishing back in the park.

I don't have too much to say about this one, nice course, ok post race snacks and a very ordinary cotton t-shirt. I did want to stop and walk pretty much after the first half mile, but stuck with it until the end. I came in at 32:30 (8:08 pace), which I was pleasantly surprised with, which put me at 12/ 23 in my agr group and 90/ 222 overall. Why does my age group have to be some damn fast :-(.

It was very cool having my new wife, Bren, and my dad (currently visiting from Scotland), there at the finish line to greet me.

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