Blogs I Follow

Me and Running who would of thought - My wife's blog about going from zero to 5k

The strive to thrive - zero to ultra? - My good friend and running mentor, Stuart, and his progression from couch potato to ultra runner.

The Scene Begins
 - A good friend of Stuart and recent Facebook friend of mine, Chris Boyak, and his incredible runs.

Ellie Greenwood, Trail Running Tales - Top female ultra runner and Scot, Ellie Greenwood.

50 Half Marathons in 50 States - I picked up on this blog from Stuart's blog. See Becka, in her attempt to run 50 half marathons in all 50 states and generally run pretty much everything.

Lettbent - A Danish Endomondoer, Janicke Ekelberg.

Run4fun; When you feel the pleasure of running - Another Endomondo friends' running blog.

Shut Up and Run - Clint Seager, another Endo friend and a South African ultra runner.

Adventures of a Nobody - Julie Cassar, a local runner and aspiring novelist.

Christopher McDougall - author of Born to Run.

Hajee's Adventures - An Endo friend from New York's exercise & general life blog

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