Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some background

So why am I doing this? Basically as a friend of mine said, 'hey, you start one, and I will too', so here it is.

The story so far. Born is Scotland, went to university, got married, went to the US, three kids and one divorce later and I'm facing forty five and a cholesterol level that would make most people cringe. I used to be fairly active a few years ago. I used to played badminton with a friend once or twice a week. I then went to playing squash in a group of four once a week for an hour or so. After that I went to playing five-a-side football (soccer), once a week. On moving to the US, that all went by the wayside. I eventually started playing disc golf a couple of times a week and then moved onto regular golf on a league, but lately, not a lot of exercise, really.

One day I get invited in by my doctor for my annual physical, etc, this involves the obligatory 'you need to lose weight and get more exercise' warning. I get a call at work a couple of days later to say that my triglycerides are 503 so whatever I'm doing, I need to stop and whatever I'm not doing, I need to start. Big wake up call time, time to start doing something about it, so here I am, let's go...

But first I'll give a couple of numbers as I guess people tend to do so. I'm 5'9", as of 22nd May 2011, I weighed in at 226lbs (16st 2lbs), my cholesterol (tri-glycerides was 507). Too heavy and too high...


  1. David,
    Welcome to blog-land. I am a friend of your 'friend'. Good on ya for starting on the path to fitness. I topped out at 220# 6 years ago, started riding and running, am 165# now and much better off. Writing the blog is a great way to stay motivated and share successes. Keep at it, and good luck with your journey!


  2. Thanks, giving it my best shot and you are right, the blogging is helping.