Saturday, November 5, 2011

Outrun Hunger 5k; 11/5/11

This was a very last minute decision to do a local race in its inaugural year. It was getting held at the Commerce Township office, just a couple of miles from the house. As it was so close to the house we decided to make it a family affair, although having learned our lesson at the Plymouth Run, no dogs this time. I went over early to get us all registered which involved me filling out fourteen bloody forms and I hate writing so it really was a blast. We decided that Bren was going to do the mile with Liam, Chris & Emma, while myself Gordon & Iona were going for the 5k. Gordon found a school friend and was going to run with him and shoot for a good time, while I was going to run with Iona.

The kids (L to R); Emma, Chris, Iona, Liam (back), Gordon
 It was a damn cold, but beautiful morning for the race. The course was going to be travelling through Martin Parkway, luckily on the weekend before the new road was due to open. This was Iona's first attempt at a 5k, so I was just pleased that she wanted to try and I was looking forward to being out there. The course was lightly marshalled and well signposted. There wasn't any electronic timing or shirts or anything, but it was a nice morning to be out and about and great to be with the kids.

Just a nice morning
Me in the Detroit Marathon shirt
& Iona in pink pants and a purple jacket

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