Monday, June 3, 2013

Random musings of a frustrated runner

What a bloody pain in the arse of a year its' been so far, with respect to my training. I started out the year full of hope, running in the snow, doing great, setting a new 5k PR on an indoor running track and then on Superbowl Sunday it all went horribly wrong...

  • rolled my ankle walking down stairs, sober at that
  • pulled my left achilles tendon walking around
  • acquired a left hamstring problem
  • ...
So what was going to be my year of multiple >100 mile weeks and a plan for at least 1,000 miles for the year has ended up, at the start of June, having done 179 miles in total, just over half what I should have done for the year so far. I went to the doc about the hamstring last week, he said, no running for 10 days, which is just before my Kona Run 10 miler. We see if the Kona stays as a run or just a walk...

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