Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dances With Dirt - 9/21/13

Leg #1 - The Stampede

I did this leg last year as well, starts out really fast and then slows up as we get to the forest. Hilly with lots of exposed roots and rocks, just to give you that potentially ankle rolling excitement. Conditions were perfect for running. I felt really good at the start but that waned fast, I overtook quite a few people in the forest, but ended up slowing down as we got towards the end. I finished 1:25 faster than last year, though, which was a pleasant surprise

Leg #2 - This Sucks!

Second time for me with this one too, although it didn't seem wasn't quite as bad as last year. this leg involves a short run through a campground and then up into the woods, I saw a number of runners that were finishing the previous leg, coming towards me. but on the whole it was fairly quiet. I passed probably half a dozen people in the woods and only got passed by one girl (now known as the gazelle). I attempted to keep pace with her but she was flying, so I ended up on my own for a bit. After a three miles in I heard some voices, which can only mean one thing, we are at the mud, waist deep thick crappy gooey stuff, followed by a river crossing. I actually saw the gazelle at the river crossing, she and another couple of girls were going down the river, presumably to try and find somewhere better to exit, while myself and another guy decided that straight across would be the least painful method. After about half a mile of complete crap, we got out of the woods onto the bridleway for a long straight run to the exchange. Whaddya know, about half a mile into the bridleway, I got passed by the gazelle again, kinda funny, I guess her short cut wasn't such a great idea after all. I got to the exchange point but my team was nowhere to be seen, so what followed was a couple of minutes of confusion and then I was done.

Leg #3 - Bovine

First time for this one. Last year it involved a really nasty pond crossing, this year a slightly less nasty pond crossing, but some very extreme trails and a couple of very steep hills, oh and not very many people.


Would I do it again, yes, I think so, if you'd ask me beforehand I would probably have said no, but it was kinda fun.

The whole timing thing is a joke, let's not pretend that this is really a race, unless you are in the top few teams, all the other teams do so much 'cheating', ie letting your next team member leave before the previous one has arrived.

Before the race, Bells Brewery setting up the beer

More beer setup

Pre-race milling about

Me, after my second leg, 'This Sucks!'

Post run festivities


Slightly busier beer area

The band... done

More festive imbibing

The team

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