Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three years of running

Three years ago, I decided to go out for a run one morning after starting a regular 'walking at lunchtime instead of eating out' exercise regime, see the posting here. It was ugly but I went and due to the persistence of a very good friend and some bloody mindedness on my part, I still want to run, only further and faster.

Just re-read this part and it seems a little bitchy, but I'll let it stay;
So this is the year where I was due to crank it up a notch and where it all went horribly wrong. As I sit here on 2nd June 2014 I have managed a whole 135 miles, which is 285 miles behind where I wanted to be by now. I haven't managed a single run in almost a month and that was on just under 2 bloody miles, my last significant run was the Passion For Life 5 miler almost ten weeks ago, bloody hell, now I see it actually written down, it really pisses me off.

I've had to cancel my proposed ultramarathon, and missed many races I wanted to do. I have all bought and paid for a 5k/ half marathon weekend in the fall and I just hope I can be ready for that, as it would be my third year doing it and myself and Bren like to make a fun weekend out of it. There are another couple of races that I'll be very sorry to miss, but right now I'm not very confident, just kinda really crappy about the whole thing right now.

The Highs

Jings, so many, where to start;
  • Dropped a helluva lot of weight, some due to my getting divorced diet, but the rest due to running.
  • Ran a marathon, aye that's right, a whole 26 miles 385 yards, on a damn hot day and I managed a 4:36, not what I wanted but not too shabby, and I just found out that it is a Comrades Marathon qualifying time, so there...
  • Ran multiple other half marathons, 10km's, 5km's, etc, giving me a selection of snazzy medals and some rather tasteful and a whole lot of other really ugly running shirts.
The Lows

F&%ck#%g injuries, and that's about it.

In Summary

Onward and upward, shake this bloody injury and get my arse back in gear and get out there, the world is waiting for me...

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