Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bird In Hand Half 5k & Half Marathon - 9/5 & 9/6/14

The 5k was a 5k. The plan was to run it with Bren, but we ended up passing on her bib number to a friend, who ran it as her first 5k.

As usual, we were driving over on the day of the race from Michigan, just a wee ~8hr jaunt. We just managed to get there on time, but on time we still were. Packet pickup was a breeze as usual. The forecast had been for some nasty weather, but it ended up really quite nice, if a little warm. I wanted to come in under 30 minutes, which I just managed and although my PF hurt a little at the start I ran it off and rather enjoyed the whole evening. I had foolishly signed up for the Firefighters challenge, which means I had the half marathon the following morning. I spent the evening carb loading at a local bar and playing 'Pass The Pigs', all in all a fun day overall.

Time: 28:19.12; 247 out of 762 & 21 out of 41 in my age group.

And so, onto... the half...

Got up in plenty time, our hotel was only a couple of miles away from the start, left in plenty time but traffic got backed up. We got parked I headed for the portajohns, of which, as usual, there were plenty, but I had no time, so off to the start I went.

How bad was it

In 2012, I finished in 2:06, last year I managed thirteen minutes less than that at 1:53, this year, jeez, 2:37, almost 45 minutes slower than last year, and 15 slower than my previous worst in Denver, and Denver included two bathroom stops, while this one had only one.

Let's look at some numbers

Criteria 2013 2014 Which means..?
Field 25% 67% I finished in the bottom third of the race, no hiding this one, I sucked
Age Group 50% 71% Wow, finished in the bottom 30%; of the field, again, not so bloody good
Top 25% time 1:53:11 2:05:42 Top 25% of finishers were 12 minutes slower, kinda interesting
Top 50% time 2:06:45 2:23:12 Top 50% were 17 minutes slower, again, interesting
Top 75% time 2:26:49 2:48:14 Top 75% were 25 minutes slower, again, interesting

Bottom line, last year I had trained hard and it showed in my race this year I've been injured, so much less training, conditions sucked and it showed. Still loved the race though, great shirts, even better medal than last year, we'll see what next year brings.

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