Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Injuries, the stupid things that happen to slow you down...

My latest injury is a pulled muscle in my chest, upper left and it is damn annoying. It came when I was helping clear away some of the dirt from around the Hangi pit, not working particularly hard, as anyone that knows me will not be too surprised to hear, and now I'm struggling to cough or take a big breath or do anything that puts any kind of strain on my chest cavity, damn it's annoying.

Over the years I have managed to damage myself in not very impressive but mostly annoying ways. I cut my scalp bending over near a handrail and getting up while hitting it. I blew out my knee while using my snowblower in under 1" of snow. I rolled my ankle walking down two stairs in a bar, while sober. I stuck a steak knife into my thumb while carving pumpkins for the kids. I hurt my back while combing my hair. I cut my heading while standing up at a customer site. I hurt my back while sitting down at dinner (not very comfy seats).

I am a bloody disaster.

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