Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My exercise regimen

In an ideal week - Up at 6:15am'ish, exercise bike on maximum resistance for approx 10 miles, followed  by three yoga planks of one minute each with one minute break in between.

Lunch at 11:30'ish, walk fast for approx 50 minutes/ 3.6 miles

Saturday morning, out at approx 8:30am for 1 hour/ 5-6 mile run

Sunday morning, same as Saturday

It isn't a routine that I read anywhere, there isn't some magic to it, it doesn't purport to do anything clever. This routine does a few things and it does them well;

  • It gets me actually doing something
  • It is better than nothing
  • It can evolve into something more structured over time
  • I sweat a lot...
Note that there hasn't been an ideal week in quite some time, due to time off, aches and pains and just life in general.

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