Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oakwood Red October Run 10km, Wayne, MI - 1st October 2011

I foresee another short write up one for this one too. I had been getting a wee bit concerned about the temperature for my morning run so, on Stu's advice, I picked up some running tights and a long sleeve tech shirt and just as well - weather conditions, damn cold, cloudy and windy.  The race wasn't due to start until 9:50am, so we didn't have to rush around trying to get there on time, although I did want to be a little early as I hadn't picked up my race packet yet and we weren't totally sure where we were going.

After standing around in the cold for what seemed like an age, we finally got started. I started out at an ok pace, if anything a little slow.

A few really annoying things;

  • One fellow racer boxing me in as we ran up on someone in front
  • The same racer elbowing me
  • Running for a mile or so with a young boy who was wondering where everyone was running to and why, he ended up finishing the race and even getting a medal
  • One race marshall, stopped us to let some cars pass through, I was incensed
I averaged 9:14 per mile, finished the 10km  in 57:01. According to my Garmin the race was actually 6.24 miles, so just a little over 10km.

How the Garmin saw it -
Endomondo -
White cotton, long sleeved

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