Thursday, March 15, 2012

February 2012 - motivational nightmare

So if I had to pick a phrase that typified my exercise regimen for the month of February, it would be 'lack of motivation'.

The Willis Tower on a beautiful,
but damn cold day.
I started out by getting ready for the Super 5k on the morning of Superbowl Sunday and went from there. The Super 5k went as well as I hoped, my expectations were low and I came in at right around that. Unfortunately around mile ~2.5 my right calf started to hurt but I had already made a mess of the race before then, so no big deal.

We decided that it was time that myself and Bren treated ourselves to a short vacation, so due to extortionate flights, we decided to hop over to Chicago for a few days. I even brought my running stuff with me, and planned on using the gym at the hotel before venturing out in the morning or if Bren was in the pool later in the day. To quote that famous Scots poet, Rabbie Burns, the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men, gang aft agley,  which roughly translates as, even the best organised plans can often fall apart. Mornings did not involve going to the gym and we went back to the hotel to swim one afternoon, of which I spent about 18 minutes on the treadmill doing about 1.75 miles, which I hated, so there.

Post trip to Chicago, I struggled to get myself up early in the morning and back onto the exercise bike. I have also experienced a twinge in my upper right calf, which I don't want to aggrivate prior to the Sham Rock 'n' Roll Run in Plymouth in mid-March.

Time to get this bloody thing posted as it is almost halfway through March.


  1. Whishing you all you need for Sunday ! Allez David :) Did you know your motivation motivates other people ? Yes, it does !

  2. Thank you, Henk. I hope it does help motivate others, just as others help keep me motivated. All the best in your exercise regimen, I can only hope to be as active as you and I look forward to seeing your progress on our mutual friend, Endomodo.