Saturday, March 23, 2013

Passion For Life 2013

Jings, another damn cold run, this time with the whole family, I was going to be running the 5 mile with Gordon and everyone else, ie Bren, Liam, Iona, Chris & Emma were signed up for the 5k. The run is organised by the head of the track program at Gordon's high school, Walled Lake Central, so the were going to be a lot of  Gordon's friends running, I wasn't anticipating seeing very much of him.

I got up bright and early to get own and pick up the seven race packets before the crowds arrived, turned out to be one of my very few good decisions of the day. I then went home, distributed the shirts, pinned on the numbers, passed out the bagels that I got on the way home, as I am super awesome, and generally got everyone moving. As we live about ten minutes from the starting line I wasn't too concerned about getting there on time, which ended up being a little too optimistic on my part.:-)

What with trying to get Chris & Emma from their dad, Liam trying to find his friend and the general bedlam around the place, the start of the race ended up being fairly stressful. not exactly as intended. I had planned on trying to get a picture of the family together at the start, but that quickly went away as Gordon went to hang out with his cross country team buddies, Liam with his friends and generally, we all split up. The race start was pandemonium, as usual, and I managed to find Gordon within the first five minutes or so, but we were keeping a fast pace and I knew I wasn't going to be able to sustain it. H stuck with me, when he & I both knew he could do better, but stick with his old dad, he did.

On the whole the race went well for, I managed to come second in my age group, which got me a letter and prizes; a free $38 haircut and some other sundry nonsense.

Results compared to last year;

2012 2013
David 40:48 41:50
Gordon 53:40 40:35
Liam 46:21 42:37
Iona 45:54 42:38
Emma 52:15

Me, close to the end, struggling

Gordon finishing strong

Liam & Iona finishing together

Bren & Donna, Commerce Cougars,
crossing the line together

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