Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Shamrock 'n' Roll Run

Here's to a quick one. Damn cold morning, Bren's first race. Bren was starting exactly one hour after me but I was hoping to make it back in time for her start. Due to current injuries and lack of training, this wasn't at all certain.

The morning was damn cold, well below freezing, which is really quite bizarre as last year it was in the low 70s at the start, but this is Michigan and the climate is a bloody disaster, and so we move on.  After the usual Kona stuff we got on with it. At one point, ~mile 5, one runner asked if I was carrying an injury as I seemed to be favoring my left foot, and he was right, the pain in my ankle was building and my form was starting to get affected, I just wanted to be done. Crossed the line faster than I hoped for, got the usual snacks and a very impressive medal (they never disappoint). All in all a fun morning, but damn cold.

I have to give a huge shout out here to Kona Running, every race they organize is better than the last. This time, instead of just trying to encourage slower racers to start at the back, they were actually having two different starts, the second 10 minutes after the first in both the 5k & 10k races. Obviously this still doesn't stop eveyone, but it certainly helped.

The bibs also have a QR code that enabled you to get your results after the race, just by scanning it with your handy dandy cell phone app

Finish time of 52:12, 27th out of 100 in my age group and 340th out of 1,818 overall, glad I got it done and legs weren't sore for too many days after.

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