Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013... another year of running

So here we go, how did 2013 look...

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Miles 41.70 7.49 40.73 59.74 20.83 70.09
Kilometers 67.11 12.05 65.55 96.14 33.52 112.80
# of Runs 13 3 10 13 9 15

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Total
Miles 102.61 118.02 73.67 70.30 74.32 73.91 756.50
Kilometers 165.13 189.93 118.56 113.13 119.61 118.95 1,217.47
# of Runs 20 32 18 22 18 15 188

12 races; 2 x 5km, 1 x 5 mile, 3 x 10km, 1 x 10 mile, 4 x 13.1 miles, 1 x 100km team relay

The year started quite well, considering how cold it was, I still managed to strap on the Yak Trax and pound the trails, really rather enjoyed it. Bren was still working on her Couch to 5k program so we were also running on the indoor track at Lakeland High School where I managed a 5km PR. There wasn't really any running at lunch time, due to the cold, but lots of walking. Unfortuately the wheels came off the bus in early February, what with the whole bloody rolling my ankle on Superbowl Sunday, while sober, thing. I still managed a couple of much smaller runs, even although I really shouldn't have. My running then settled down, with a couple of small stutters, peaking in the summer with my forty day running streak. I continued to bang out fairly consistent miles every month, but I was never going to make up for the crappy winter/ early spring, c'est la vie.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Two new 5k PR's, one on the inside running track in the late winter and another at the Superhero 5k in the early summer, taking it down to 23:40, a total of 39 seconds off. I ran my second best half marathon in the fall at Bird-in-Hand, which also took ~13 minutes off my time from last year. I managed a 40 day running streak, which really helped set me up for my, previously mentioned, second best half marathon.

Injuries killed my springtime mileage, and not respecting them and letting them heal over time wasn't my best idea ever either. I did manage to grind out a trail half marathon with a sore ankle, groin strain and a couple of very sore achilles tendons, glad I did though.

On to 2014...

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