Saturday, March 29, 2014

Passion For Life 5 mile

This race was pretty much planned well in advance, then cancelled, then, when it became apparent that Gordon wasn't going to be able to run, due to injury, I decided to do it afterall. This was going to be my third year doing it. It is a small race & takes place very close to home, so packet pickup and parking, etc, are no big deal.

This was the first year that they were going to have chip timed start & finish as well as the 5k & 5 mile runs starting at different times. it made for a much quiter starting area, but on the whole I think it was a good idea. I had done as much running as I could beforehand but what with a crappy winter and a niggling pain in my foot, I wasn't holding out too much hope.

It was a cold morning, but not as bad it had been so, not too much to complain about although I was one of a very few that had decided to brave shorts on the day.

I split of from the pack fairly quickly and found a nice gap to run in. My splits while gradually slowing, are pretty good for me, especially as I hit the hilly section in the second half. I finished strong and I'm, on the whole, pleased with the resut

This race has left in a kind of bitter sweet taste in my mouth. I PR'd the Walled Lake circuit, yippee, I done some serious damage to heel and I am now fighting pantir fasciitis, which has put my running in jeopardy for who knows how long...


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